Heartfelt Creations Pocket And Flipfold Inserts C-Kraft - HCFP1-435-3


Add interest and interactive elements to your flip fold albums with ease using premade pocket and flip fold inserts. All of the stress of measuring, remeasuring, cutting and scoring has been removed from the album making process when simply adding these interactive elements to the 3D Flip Fold Album.

Included are an assortment of pockets and flip folds varying in sizes (5 in total), allowing you to add different elements and interest to your creation.

Simply decorate, fold along the score lines, decide the placement for your pocket or flip fold and adhere to the desired page in the album. For an extra special touch include a magnet on several of the flip fold closures.

No time to create an album? No worries as these album elements also double as interactive card bases, allowing you to create that extra special card in a hurry! Any which way you decide to use these versatile engineered pieces, we can promise that all of the fear, fustration and guesswork has been removed while only the joy of creating, adding in those special embellishments and fond memories remain.

These pocket and flip fold inserts are designed to be used in conjunction with the 3D Flip Fold Album, or alone as interactive card elements or bases.


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