Craftie-Charlie Loyalty Points Program

We really appreciate our loyal customers here at Craftie-Charlie, so we have added a new program to reward returning customers!

You'll be awarded loyalty points, known as Charlie Points, which can be redeemed for discounts on all the lovely goodies in your future orders.

How many Charlie Points do I earn when I make a purchase?

  • You will earn 100 point for every £1 (or 100p!) of products you buy (excluding postage & discounts) so this means that every penny counts!

How do I redeem the Charlie Points when I place an order?

  • Your Shopping Cart will show how many Charlie Points you earned from previous purchases when you Checkout. You can spend some and save some for later or just blow the whole lot!
  • When you want to redeem your points 10 points = 1p. So, for example, 5320 points gives you £5.32 off your order (we'll also be having promotions to make your points go further!)

How can I see how many Charlie Points I have been awarded on my previous orders?

  • Go to "Your Account" and you will see a list of all your orders and the Charlie Points previously earned and spent.

Do I have to create an Account to collect Charlie Points?

  • Yes. So we can track how many points you earn and spend, you will need a Craftie-Charlie account.
  • Unfortunately if we don't have a valid email address for your account, you wont be eligible for the Charlie Points Program :(
  • Just log into your account, before you start placing an order, to be able to earn and spend your points.


We'll also be having regular offers and promotions for extra bonus Charlie Points so you can add to your total, and get even more fab goodies


Ready for the small print?!

Craftie-Charlie Loyalty Points Program - Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the Loyalty Points scheme (known as the Charlie Points Program) owned and operated by Craftie-Charlie Limited and form a contract between you the customer and Craftie-Charlie Ltd;
  2. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Loyalty Points scheme at any time by giving you, the customer, 30 days notice. All customers allowing contact from will be notified by email and a news article will be posted on the site to alert customers to the changes, in exceptional circumstances the Loyalty Points scheme may be withdrawn without notice to meet legal or statutory obligations;
  3. These terms and conditions do not form part of your statutory consumer terms and conditions which can be found elsewhere on the site and which you agree to when entering into a contract with Craftie-Charlie Ltd;
  4. You earn 100 point for every £1 Sterling that is spent, excluding postage & discounts, on the site,;
  5. Where goods are returned for a refund, loyalty points will be deducted;
  6. Craftie-Charlie Ltd may offer special Bonus Loyalty Points i.e Double/Triple points, these special offers may be removed without notice;
  7. Points are valid for 12 months;
  8. If misuse of the Loyalty Points scheme is suspected, Loyalty Points may be suspended or deducted from customer accounts;
  9. Loyalty Points may not be exchanged for a cash value or used in conjunction with any discount coupon code or special promotion;
  10. Orders placed using Guest Accounts do not attract loyalty points.

Jane and Charlotte